The Circular Built Environment Playbook or ‘CircularBuild’ is a 3-year project funded by the EPA under the 2022 EPA Research Call. The project is led by the Irish Green Building Council (IGBC) in collaboration with Atlantic Technological University (ATU), Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin) and the University of Galway (UG).

The project aims to:

1. Co-design and develop a National Circular Built Environment Roadmap to 2040 in collaboration with industry stakeholders representing the full built environment value chain.

2. Co-design, develop, and pilot an evidence-based and research-informed Circular Built Environment Toolkit in collaboration with industry across a range of selected case studies.

3. Establish a dedicated Circular Built Environment Resource and Training Hub for industry, policy makers and educational audiences.


Our Shared Understanding

This 2023 report published by the Circular Buildings Coalition (CBC) is a summary of core concepts that inform the transition to a circular economy.

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Action Plan to increase the proportion of green public procurements and green innovation report

The Norwegian Agency for Public and Financial Management published a 2021 action plan covering a range of sectors including construction, building and property. One of the recommended key priorities for contracting authorities was the promotion of a circular economy, through lifecycle calculations, improving land use, better maintenance, reuse of existing buildings, use of materials that

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