It is imperative that students are fully aware of the circular economy and how it applies to the built environment to empower them to lead the transition over the coming years. This section outlines opportunities to pursue qualifications in this area, undertake research and explore industry best practice.

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The MOBile and Innovative Circularity for CONstruction PROducts (MOBICCON-PRO) project will develop, introduce and demonstrate integrated innovative circular solutions to recover resources from construction and demolition waste (CDW) and decrease consumption of raw construction materials by applying in-situ selective separation/demolition, novel CDW recycling and production of recycled and innovative construction materials, components and products, see

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Pop-Machina is a Horizon 2020 project that seeks to highlight and reinforce the links between the maker movement and circular economy in order to promote environmental sustainability and generate socio-economic benefits in European cities, see link

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ATU B.Sc. (Honours) in Construction Management

The ATU B.Sc. (Honours) in Construction Management has a ‘Environmental Management for Construction’ module (5 credits) in Year 2 and a ‘Sustainability and the Circular Economy in the Built Environment’ module (5 credits) in Year 4. 

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