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Our Shared Understanding

This 2023 report published by the Circular Buildings Coalition (CBC) is a summary of core concepts that inform the transition to a circular economy.

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Action Plan to increase the proportion of green public procurements and green innovation report

The Norwegian Agency for Public and Financial Management published a 2021 action plan covering a range of sectors including construction, building and property. One of the recommended key priorities for contracting authorities was the promotion of a circular economy, through lifecycle calculations, improving land use, better maintenance, reuse of existing buildings, use of materials that

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The Circular Built Environment Playbook

The World Green Building Council (WGBC) have published a wonderful guidance document that explore the principles of the circular economy, the role of buildings and materials, design and retrofit opportunities, how to move towards regenerative design, levers for change, and a clear call to action. It also provides a suite of excellent case studies and

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Towards a Circular Economy in the Built Environment

This 2023 report published by Metabolic, WGBC, Circle Economy, WBSCD, Ellen MacArthur Foundation, ARUP and supported by the Laudes Foundation examines strategies to overcome market, finance, and ownership challenges. This was a collaborative research effort by the Circular Buildings Coalition (CBC), which has been established to coordinate built environment stakeholders working towards this transition.

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Advancing the circular economy through infrastructure

This report published in November 2021 by the Global Infrastructure Hub explores transitions pathways for practitioners in circular infrastructure. Two key benefits of circular infrastructure were identified – mitigating climate change and mitigating the risk of resource scarcity.

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Circular Hotspot Reflection

The Build360 team were reflecting on the fantastic Circular Hotspot event from last week Looking forward to the next Circular Hotspot in Slovenia in 2025

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UKGBC Case Studies

The UKGBC has collated an excellent suite of best practice, real-world examples of climate action and innovation in the built environment, see link.

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ATU M.Sc. in Circular Economy Leadership for the Built Environment

The Atlantic Technological University (Galway-Mayo) Department of Building and Civil Engineering is delighted to invite applications for the Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma, and M.Sc. in Circular Economy Leadership for the Built Environment. Applicants can select whatever option suits them best as outlined in the attached brochure and the links provided below. The Postgraduate Certificate and

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Transition Pathway for Construction

The EU Commission has produced an excellent document outlining a transition pathway for construction. It aims to offer a bottom-up understanding of the scale, cost, and conditions for resilience, competitiveness, the green and digital transition. It outlines 6 building blocks covering: competitiveness; skills and talent; enabling frameworks; research, innovation and technology; funding; and towards a

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