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Embracing Circular Economy Practices

This guide published by the UK Business in the Community in March 2023 outlines how to embed circular economy principles within your organization to drive positive impact. This routemap aims to help businesses to reduce Scope 3 emission by supporting them in creating a circular economy strategy.

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The CBCI-project

The European-funded Circular Biobased Construction Industry (CBCI) project investigates how we can use raw materials in construction more efficiently, thereby reducing CO2 emissions. Not only in the construction phase, but throughout the entire life cycle of a building. For the transition to a circular economy, an integral approach to circular and biobased construction has been

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Pop-Machina is a Horizon 2020 project that seeks to highlight and reinforce the links between the maker movement and circular economy in order to promote environmental sustainability and generate socio-economic benefits in European cities, see link

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