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Reimagining the Waste Framework Directive

This 2023 Whitepaper by Eunomia explores an EU Regulatory Framework for a Circular Economy consistent with 1.5 degrees. A recast of the framework as a Resources Framework Directive is recommended to guide the continued reduction in material consumption across the EU economy in a way that most effectively and efficiently delivers decarbonization, as well as

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Our Shared Understanding

This 2023 report published by the Circular Buildings Coalition (CBC) is a summary of core concepts that inform the transition to a circular economy.

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Towards a Circular Economy in the Built Environment

This 2023 report published by Metabolic, WGBC, Circle Economy, WBSCD, Ellen MacArthur Foundation, ARUP and supported by the Laudes Foundation examines strategies to overcome market, finance, and ownership challenges. This was a collaborative research effort by the Circular Buildings Coalition (CBC), which has been established to coordinate built environment stakeholders working towards this transition.

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Embracing Circular Economy Practices

This guide published by the UK Business in the Community in March 2023 outlines how to embed circular economy principles within your organization to drive positive impact. This routemap aims to help businesses to reduce Scope 3 emission by supporting them in creating a circular economy strategy.

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Transition Pathway for Construction

The EU Commission has produced an excellent document outlining a transition pathway for construction. It aims to offer a bottom-up understanding of the scale, cost, and conditions for resilience, competitiveness, the green and digital transition. It outlines 6 building blocks covering: competitiveness; skills and talent; enabling frameworks; research, innovation and technology; funding; and towards a

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