Circular Economy Hotspot Dublin 2023

Now in its fifth year, the Circular Economy Hotspot has become a flagship event on the international circular economy calendar and this year we are delighted to be hosting this important event in Ireland from May 29th to June 1st 2023. Hosting the European Circular Economy Hotspot in 2023 will bring international visibility to circular economic initiatives here in Ireland, and will create opportunities for national and international participants to learn from each other. The event will bring together pioneers, policymakers, entrepreneurs, researchers, students, citizens and industry from Ireland and beyond. Furthermore, through a programme of citizen engagement, Circular Economy Hotspot Dublin will aim to bring the circular economy to life.

The Built Environment Deep Dive will take place on the 31 May, and will feature our own Dr. John Scahill who will discuss the role of higher education in supporting the transition towards a circular built environment. Check out the details here.